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About Coring & Cutting, Group Inc.

Sawing and Drilling Since 1979

On the Mark. On the Money. On Time.™

Our group of companies understand the importance of promptness and professionalism on the job. We have been serving the sawing and drilling industry since 1979 and have cut and cored millions of feet of concrete. Our operators perform accurate, clean, and precise work, and perform within the cost we quote.

Doing What Others Can't or Won't

A One Stop Shop

We cut, core, break and remove concrete to any specification. We don't require on-site power or water. We work in any environment - wet or dry, hot or cold, day or night. If the atmosphere is potentially explosive, as in some hospital areas or in grain silos, our specialized skills and equipment assure a safe, speedy, clean job.
Simple or Complex

Call us for simple slab sawing or for something a little more difficult, like:

  • Cutting inside nuclear power plants (we have worked in several)
  • Coring where there is no breathable air (we've done it 900 feet underground)
  • Cutting a building in two (we have sawed a football stadium in half)
  • Assist in rescue situations (we cut the access passages when Kansas City's Hyatt Hotel balcony collapsed)

Save Time, Money, and Structural Integrity

Most contractors understand the basic savings of Coring & Cutting over using a jackhammer. The jackhammer is far more time consuming and noisy. Its damage cannot be restricted to exact tolerances. Its pounding can induce serious structural weaknesses. Coring & Cutting leaves a better appearance, is considerably faster, reduces noise and dust, and eliminates vibration.

We Use the Right Tools

With our techniques and tools, we can create openings that were very dangerous or impossible in the past. We add to that the convenience of a completely self-contained service. We have one of the largest inventories of specialized concrete cutting equipment in the nation to meet every condition and requirement.

Some applications are suited for breaking by using remote controlled Brokk equipment. We have made significant capital investments in this area of our company. We currently have 5 to 10 pieces of Brokk equipment in many different sizes that can be tailored to specific jobs.

Dump trucks and Bobcats are available upon request.

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