Brokk Demolition

Brokk Demolition Services

The Brokk is a powerful, electric, compact remote controlled demolition robot, offered in various sizes (90, 110, 250, 260, 330) and small enough to fit through a standard man door and powerful enough to complete major demolition in any environment where fumes cannot be present or highly hazardous areas where a standard excavator is not safe or practical. The Brokk can rotate 360 degrees, compact enough to fit in most elevators and even climb stairs, making this unit one of the safest demolition tools in the construction industry. It has front and rear outriggers to provide stability in uneven situations and the Brokks state of the art remote control feature ensures complete safety for our operators while allowing them to control the unit from a safe distance with incredible accuracy.

This Demolition machine has the ability to dig, break, crush and remove massive areas of concrete. The Brokk can be powered by our trucks or generators up to 300’ away or can be wired in at your job with conventional 460V three phase pigtail, which allows for emissions free use in Hospitals, factories and any enclosed areas.

We currently have over 20 Brokk machines in our inventory ready to mobilize to your job and provide you with worry free demolition.

The Brokk’s capabilities include:

  • Digging pits and trenches to depths varying from 6-12 feet depending on the machine
  • Demolish walls up to 20′ high working off of ground level. Our machines can easily be hoisted by Lull or crane to achieve greater heights.
  • Crush concrete walls up to 18″ thick with virtually no noise and minimal vibration
  • Interior trenches 12” , 18”, and 24” widths